Who Is Azra?

Azra Gregor Matrescence Mindset Coach

As a first time mom, I quickly realized there was no turning back to my previous life before baby.

And initially, I mourned that fact, trust me. But through my journey, I also found out that our children serve as our greatest spiritual guides for personal development.

My name is Azra Gregor and I'm a writer and advocate for finding your voice and regaining your identity during the cascading emotions of matrescence - a term we use to describe the becoming of a mother.

My passion lies in self development after kids which includes becoming a conscious parent and tapping into a positive mindset, because perspective is everything. As a mindset coach and certified adult educator, I help you uncover your SELF in the chaos of motherhood.

In 2015, I began a mom blog called DIRTY MERCY MAMA where I navigated my audience through my honest impressions of postpartum life. I survived a traumatic birth and as a first generation Bosnian-Canadian who had escaped a civil war, I had many conditioned beliefs I held onto the first year of motherhood.

My eyes were opened and I couldn’'t be silent about my reality. I made it my mission to stick to my guns in a society that does not support independent thinkers or intuitive decision making.

Since then, I have found a calling in serving other women who feel ambivalent about matrescence. It was coaching dozens of women through labour at home as a birth doula that ended up giving me concrete examples of just how powerful the mind is.

And that’s where the seed of MATRESCEND.COM was born. As an advocate of positive psychology, which is the study of how humans flourish, my mission is to coach every mom in a negative headspace exactly how to get out of it.

It is on this site that I pull together everything I have learned from the thousands of mothers I have helped and talked to, in order to enable us all to level up and undo our limiting beliefs.

Let us use our chance at motherhood to develop our consciousness like never before.

It takes courage to understand yourself and work on yourself.

Let me guide you to clarity.