Testimonials Azra Gregor



“Azra's personality and writing are magnetic. Her words and actions she puts out into the world are honest, thoughtful and reflective and lead you to want to hear more. Through her writing and insight, I am beginning my own self-awareness journey to push myself for what I want in my life.”


“If you’re a boss babe looking for encouraging words and manifesting positive energy into your life, then Azra is your girl. Please do yourself a favour and listen to this calm and kind human to bring more light into the hardest days of motherhood. She is the ultimate female coach empowering moms to find themselves. “


“Azra’s raw, open and genuine way to share deep thoughts about what matters in life has given me more than once the kick in the behind I needed to meet my goals. She has made me view things from a different perspective and rethink some things completely.”


“If you feel stuck and are ready to take your first step, this is the place to start. Azra is a beautiful soul with a genuine interest in understanding, guiding and empowering mothers to continue to succeed and accomplish things they may not have felt possible otherwise. Expert advice is hard to come by; the value in it is immeasurable. If you’re on this site, it’s obvious you’re ready to make that first step. Take a deep breath; let Azra use her skills and expertise to create a more positive life for yourself and your loved ones. You won’t regret it.”


“Azra’s guidance is a go-to for me on a daily basis. Azra speaks from the heart and genuinely understands what it is like to be a woman with a demanding family. She knows we all become a new woman after children. What is most inspiring is her own perseverance and the life she has lived. She teaches me the power of mindset in the toughest situation life holds and whenever she discusses content that is also happening in my life but I am too embarrassed about to admit - I find myself getting stronger. Becoming a new woman after having children is challenging on its own but reading Azra’s words puts my mind at ease every time. I am incredibly thankful for her being there for us moms and women in general!”


“The first thing that comes to mind about Azra is how genuine she is. She doesn’t necessarily write about whatever is perfectly politically correct or what we all want to hear. She speaks truthfully, in a soft and refreshing way. It pulls me right in and makes me think on a deeper level.”


“Azra is one of my favourite boss ladies to follow on IG. I find her content real, enlightening and useful to my day to day and with my own family. Her posts have so much diversity - the content is never boring and always meaningful and inspiring. Her motivational words really speak to us all - especially the ‘working mom juggling it all’. Thanks for keeping it real!”


“Reading Azra’s words I’ve actually sighed in relief thinking, ‘Thank God someone is writing this - THIS is exactly what I want to read as a mom. ’ She helps me know there is a light even for single mothers.”

Kat Rose

“Inspiring. Real. Insightful. Have you ever witnessed a person speak or write and felt understood, enlightened, not alone? Azra will draw you in with the powerful messages she has to convey. She has a unique way of shedding light, encourage self development and a positive mindset. I can’t say enough about this amazing soul.”


“Azra provides a raw unfiltered reality to both motherhood and womanhood. When you listen or read her posts you find yourself saying, "‘Yes! me too!’. That’s because she knows first hand what it means to be both mother and grow as a woman.”


“I have known Azra for over ten years. The words that come up when I think of her? Truly genuine, empathetic, compassionate, incredibly intelligent and a real woman. She is a natural at helping other people and making you feel truly listened to as a client of hers. Azra touches on some topics that are really sensitive or taboo in our culture - but that we desperately need to discuss in order to grow. Her knowledge is vast, making her a true geek, but the way that she shares this with her clients is unprecedented. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a guide to your own enlightenment journey. Thanks, girl, for all your support during my darkest days.”


“Azra has a beautiful way with words. She is so transparent and open about her experiences and journey, that it makes me feel less alone. She has some amazing strategies on how to cope and embrace the mom/parent you were meant to be - not who society wants you to be. I have learned so much from her in a short amount of time and I would highly recommend her services to any mother out there trying to find her own way.”